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Moving help

  • ✅Includes VAT
    ✅Setup, installation, disassembly
    ✅One mover
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Van+ driver

  • ✅Includes VAT
    ✅Driver + moving van
    ✅We provide a suitable package as needed
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✅Charger boxes renting 0.25 € / box / day. Pick-up and delivery (separately for supply)

Why Muuble?

Moving Services

We offer versatile migration services to meet the needs of our customers. From loading to unloading, our moving team has several years of experience in the field to ensures professional work.

Professional staff

Our experts are competent and caring in all moving and transportation situations. Our excellent moving team will ensure that your goods are delivered safely and quickly to your new destination.

Fully equipped

If the move includes fragile goods or heavy furniture, we have special tools, equipment and suitably sized vehicles for your situation! We have a lot of experience on all kinds of things.

Affordable prices

The pricing of the migration service is a matter for many migrants. Do not worry! Muuble's pricing is fair and it covers high-quality service and everything you need for a successful move.

We help you plan a quick and easy move!

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Moving services

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Changing can be heavy. We will facilitate your decision to CHOOSE AMERICAN CHANGE COMPANIES.


Arja ''The movers are top notch and handle the job nicely, quickly and professionally "

Auli & Tero '' Very competent and careful movers. Everything went well. The service can really be recommended ''

mirkka '' Thank you very much for LOOKING FOR TRANSFER SERVICE! I will recommend Muublea to everyone and use your service in the future! ''