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Frequently asked Questions

Does the payment have to be paid at the office by an order?

No, you just have to call us at 050 573 36 72 or ask us to contact us at the top right corner of our web site and we will contact you within 24 hours for more information. Payment can be made either as a card payment or as an electronic invoice to the customer's email.

How can I pay online?

We are not currently processing payments online. The service can be paid by credit card, cash or invoice.  

Can you change my plant?

Of course, pack them just fine and the migrants gently cargo them to the car.

Can you change my pet? (eg hamsters, etc.)

We recommend that pets, especially those with their own cages and any other carefully handled boxes or items, are moved away from home furniture to avoid any damage.

Do I have to confirm the move?

Yes, please confirm the date and time, as well as other information, so that we can confirm your order in advance and arrange a suitable change agent for you.  

Should I pay in advance?

No need, you can pay the migration staff at the end of your move either by cash or card. If you want, you can also pay in advance to Muuble's bank account.

Do I have to be offline or Can I leave the key to you?

We recommend that you or another responsible person is there to respond to the success of the move. But if the instructions are clear and moving is not complicated, the only key is enough to complete the move. Please make sure that all information regarding migration has been given in writing to migrants.

Who is responsible for the goods during transport?

During transport, Muuble will be responsible for all goods if you have packed the goods and furniture properly to avoid damage (unless otherwise agreed). See our delivery terms regarding the responsibility of packaged products, transport safety, insurance, and liability terms in Force Majeure situations.  

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