Moving help

Carrying support: loading, unloading and changing the house

Loading a car of a moving car offered by a customer
In many cases, customers want our relocating booths to load their own vans or trucks. In that case, you should take care of a few basic things. First of all, it is important to have proper blankets available to protect large furniture and large, easily breakable objects. Another important thing is the jigsaws that allow our reloads to attach the furniture inside the car so that they do not move during transport.
We will do our utmost to ensure that your car is loaded efficiently and safely, but we are not responsible for any damage caused after loading.


Dismantling a moving car
We are happy to assist you in removing your car. It usually takes care of simply and does not need changing naps or ratchets. If you have to carry long distances, just tell us and bring with us the towing trolleys, which will give you a quicker discharge.


Changing the place of furniture inside the house
If you want to change the locations of your furniture in your home, we can help you. If your house has steep stairs or, for example, bigger than usual furniture, please let us know it on the migration estimate.


Changing furniture within a residential building is easy
We have done many of the internally displaced residential moves successfully. We can change either just furniture or everything inside the apartment. If you want us to change everything, we will ask you to pack as much as possible so that we can make a move quickly and safely.