Paikalliset muuttopalvelut

Local Migration Services

We do this every day so we really understand what change means. When you fill out our migration request form, we will give you a personal migration estimate that suits your needs. We will provide you with a personalized offer, where the number of migrants is needed and the moving car is of the right size. Our specialty is residences such as studios, double rooms and triangles. We also take care of moving houses, detached houses and even offices. Muuble is right for you Whether you needed to move with just the workforce or if you would like to use the entire migration service.


Professional, local migrants quickly

First-class care. Muuble knows Finland thoroughly. We take local migrations in 7 cities including the capital city. The move to Helsinki is familiar to us. We have moved more than 1000 customers and all the great works of art to Picasso, from antique paintings to custom-made furniture. We have seen almost everything as a local and cross-city migration company and, after all these successes, we hope to be your choice as well.


Acting as the best moving company requires the best training

Security is at the forefront of change. We want to continually develop and innovate in the workshops and security programs we organize all year round. The development is quite different from that of other moving companies. It is not only about the professionalism of our migrating staff, but also about utilizing their creative ideas so that we can try out new products and services. This way we can continuously provide the safest and most efficient relocation service.



Installation professionals are ready to help. We can help with the installation of both furniture and technology.