Muuttolaatikot edullisesti

Moving boxes preferably

Everyone needs to change at some point. We rent plastic boxes that can be used for cardboard changes, projects and storage. Using plastic containers produces 92% less waste, requires 35% less energy and creates 27% less greenhouse gas emissions than cardboard.


Our expedition box will speed up your transformation.

Choose from our sustainable and inexpensive migration boxes yours. They are specially designed for modification and have handles. They will make your move faster and protect your objects from dirt and damage.


Stackable boxes save space

Our removable boxes are stackable so they take up less space in your home and can easily be moved with a toy car. Also, the state of the moving car becomes more efficient when, for example, beds or mattresses can be loaded directly over the storage box.


Select the right amount of migration boxes

You will need an average of one box per square meter of your home. Get moving boxes delivered and removed at a discounted price or you can apply for them yourself from one of our offices if it suits you better.


We will borrow you from our boxes so that you can pack. We will ship them to your door or you can apply for them at our office.

You change
Once you've changed or your project is completed, we'll take them back

We'll pick up
We cleaned and disinfected the boxes, and then they could experience new moves and adventures.

Affordable shipping boxes
We supply migration boxes to your home on the agreed date.
Dimensions: 600mm * 400mm * 300mm (length / width / height)
You can rent moving boxes from us (50L). We will deliver the migration boxes to you on the agreed date. (Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo)