Moving tips

Professional migration tips

Professional migration tips that make you move easily and quickly

What would be more exciting than buying an apartment in a new building and waiting for a change? This happy, but awkward event requires careful planning.

Changing to a new home always requires responsibility and it is also a stressful and tedious process. Therefore, it is important to consider some things beforehand before moving. Preparations should be started by writing an action plan. Here are some important things to consider:

It is important to make a choice, what you are involved and what you are going to do. If you've been living in the same place for a long time, it's likely that there is a lot of accumulated extra goods and they are rarely used. You should go through your goods and decide what to take into your new home and what you can sell or give away for free. Some things just do not have to, but they just collect dust in the corners. This process makes change easier and at the same time your new home is not so full of stuff. Remember that if you want to do this mapping of the goods, it should start well in advance of your move.


Create a table for your migration labels

The boxes should be numbered according to what they contain. For example, dishes / scratches, shoes / summer etc. can be a good help in classifying the contents of boxes. Each box needs to be numbered and at the same time mark important considerations, such as if the box can turn around if it contains breakable things and if it can wrap it in the box and the way the box should be carried. Remember that the preparation of the boxes should be started at least one week before the date of removal.


Order a lot of boxes

Many Moving Companies sell or rent migration boxes, so do we. The number of boxes is not worth the effort, so brave enough boxes for everything. The problem with the extra boxes is much easier to solve than to find them in the last drop. Also, if you order the boxes from us, we will take the unused back. Call us, we offer strong professional-grade moving boxes for rent!


Get all kinds of sizes

When choosing boxes, take all kinds of sizes. It's worth thinking about what you need to pack. Even if you think that you just need a bunch of big boxes, it's more likely that you will also need some small and medium sized boxes because most of the goods are easier to pack. Packing is your own art. It does not just mean throwing goods into boxes, but if you want them to remain intact and easy to find, you should pack the broken goods together and mark them in a clear break. This way, the migrants and other helpers know what boxes should be handled very carefully and they are placed in the right place for the moving car.


Properly name the migration boxes

When naming your migration boxes, besides recording content, you also want to mark the room where they are coming. This makes the change much more organized and the boxes are easy to unload exactly in the room they are meant for. This will make the change faster. l


Pack the dishes vertically

When packing utensils and kitchen utensils for moving, they should be positioned vertically as plates and at the same time cushion each dish, for example by wrapping them in a newspaper or other material that reduces the risk of breakage. Wine glasses should be packed upside down so they do not break.


Photo your electronics

Before moving, you should take photos of your electronics. They help remind you of how they were installed in your previous home and also help in assembling after the move. You save a lot of time when you do not have to remember how the installations were made and where all the piers were pulled.


Take pictures of your old and new home

If you are renting, take photographs of your old home neat and empty of furniture and your new home before moving. This is important to get your rental guarantee off. It will help you with unlucky situations with tricky landlords who charge you for cleaning and repair costs that are unnecessary.


Report Damages Immediately

Photos are also useful for reporting damage to a service company. All damages and repairs before and after the change must be reported immediately. It can save you a rental guarantee when you move away from your new home.


Melt your refrigerator

The necessity of defrosting the refrigerator depends on the length of the changeover. If ice inside your refrigerator has accumulated, it will begin to melt quickly to the moving car after packing. As a general rule, if your new home is more than a 30-minute drive away, the refrigerator should be thawed before moving. It is not difficult and so you have one concern for less migration day. It should be done at least a day before moving and excess liquid will be wiped off. For most of the refrigerators, the digestion process lasts for at least eight hours, but you should take it safely and give the melt all day.


Make all necessary agreements and notifications in time

In preparation for migration, in addition to basics, such as migration boxes, you must also ensure that you have informed the people and the people of the matter. This should be done early enough so that you will not receive, for example, service breaks or without getting invoices. Changes to the address must be made to the post office and the local register office a few days before moving. If you have already changed your address, be sure to also make an electricity contract and a web contract well in advance of moving to a new home.