Terms and Conditions



Complaints are processed on a case-by-case basis according to the protocol.

Breakages and other damages

If, during your move or other work - despite the utmost care - breaks the customer's belongings, you should first ask your own insurance company for compensation. You have been reminded to notify the insurance company of the changeover date!

Customer must make a written complaint to Muuble.com within 7 (seven) days. If this is not the case, Muuble.fi has no liability.

If the goods being moved are not properly packaged, the damage is not covered by the compensation. Proper packaging means the packaging of the goods according to Muppen.fi moving instructions. Proper packaging is always the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise agreed in writing. Due to inadequate protection, scratched furniture is not replaced.

Protection of floors and similar surfaces for the time of removal or other work is always the responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise agreed.

Muuble.fi employees and customers must clearly identify the event (damage / gross negligence) that has led to damage to goods or property. If duplicate identification can not be done, the damage is not compensated. You can not claim monetary compensation or apply for legal action on the items / territories agreed in the "Checkout & Fitness Check" form.

The value of the asset to be advertised must be verified.

Terms & Conditions

  • The goods must be packed in boxes of embryos or enclosed sturdy boxes.
  • The customer is responsible for the proper protection of the furniture unless otherwise agreed (Muuble can assist and obtain protection material, if necessary, for reimbursement).
  • The removable boxes can not be packed too full because they can not be stacked in a moving car over space in a space-saving way.
  • Replacement boxes can not be packed too heavily. The drawer must be portable to a single transferee. If cardboard boxes have been used, it is important to note their transfer stability (for example, the soles will not open).
  • Clothing and textiles can be packed in sturdy plastic bags, eg waste bags, so they do not become dirty. Clothes can be packed in a waste bin with their buckles, so they can easily be unpacked again.
  • The fragile goods must also be packaged securely, even with the use of changing boxes.
  • Order the boxes in good time so that everything is pre-packaged at the time of the moving car.
  • For boxes and goods, it is good to mark the object room (eg with a number or MH, OH etc.) where the box / object is to be placed in order to reduce unnecessary re-movement. In the destination accommodation, the rooms must be marked in the same way so that the relocating men will recognize the rooms.
  • Packed moving boxes are stacked up to four on top of each other.
  • If you need help from migrants to remove luminaires, washing machines, etc., it is advisable to let them know in advance so that the migrants can reserve the necessary tools.
  • If there are especially heavy objects such as a piano, give it in advance, then the migrants know how to prepare for the transfer.
  • Reserve a place for a car as close as possible to your car. If necessary, mark the space requirement in good time for other residents of the house, for example, not to use parking space for parking.
  • Reserve enough people to move (either Muuble.fi or their own assistants): to move from one to two migrants, to move two to 2-3 migrants and to accommodate larger 3-5 displaced persons.
  • Make sure you have a valid insurance for a change. The best insurance is the customer's own home insurance. Often a mere notification of the changeover to your insurance company is sufficient. Muuble.fi's liability for damage to the movable property is based on statutory road transport insurance (20 e / kg).
  • The average number of changing boxes and clothing bags should be indicated in advance (including dishes and books). NB! 1 liter / liter. 1 shelf meter for books!
  • Pets and Aquariums, as well as really valuable and easily breakable items, are recommended for carriage by a passenger car
  • Muuble does not carry explosives, corrosive or flammable substances.
  • 1-2 h + k -> 20 to 50 removable boxes
  • 3-4 h + k -> 40-80 moving boxes
  • 5 h + k -> 80- removable box

The migrant checklist

Monitoring the migrant's checklist helps to ensure that your migration is smoothly done.


  • Change of Address notification
  • Change of address
  • Notification to the property manager
  • School and day care
  • inspection of rental housing
  • Final cleaning
  • Organizations and associations
  • Dog tax, notice to the municipal office
  • Smoke detector


  • Cancellations must be reported 12 hours before the agreed changeover date. The customer is not liable for notifying the cancellation 12 hours before the agreed changeover date.
  • Less than 12 hours before the cancellation date, 50% of the purchase price will be charged to the customer.
  • If a customer (or another person) is not present and can not be reached when a change team arrives at the destination or declares it unwilling to change, the customer will be charged 100% of the order confirmation price.
  • If abandonment is prevented or practically impossible for unforeseen, unavoidable reasons, the conditions of compensation can not be negotiated.


  • The charge is based on the actual hours. In the metropolitan area, charging begins when the change team arrives at the starting point. If the removal is outside the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the charge begins when the Immigration Officer leaves the Espoo branch office and ends when the Immigration Team arrives back to the Espoo branch.
  • If the customer has ordered the Migration Box via Muuble, they will be charged for the days hired. The delivery date and the date of delivery are calculated in full for the lease period.